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The New Brutale 800 changes completely to remain loyal to itself, and to its ability to amaze and conquer new generations of enthusiasts. Style, engine, equipment and chassis are all called into question again with the aim of creating the best Brutale of all time. Today, fifteen years after its first appearance, the New Brutale 800 is once again taking on the future. Fully redesigned and yet st...
2018 Honda CB650F, We have been waiting, and it was worth the wait!! Light , powerful, stylish, and affordable...... the all new 2018 Honda CB650F is on the floor. 2018 Honda CB650F The Purest Form Of Motorcycling. What makes motorcycles special? Where do you even start! For one thing, what you see is what you get. With a bike, nothing s hidden under a hood or behind doors. And that s especiall...
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