Cats and cat supplies for sale in Montgomery, NY

This 1yr old kitten may need some adjustment time, but will be a dreamboat if given the chance. He and his brother Ginseng are a dynamic duo with different personalities. They love to wrestle and groom each other. He only likes his bros and is b...
Homeless since a kitten in 2012, she has finally made it to the adoption floor. Win her trust and she will win your heart! 5 yrs is far too long to live in a cage. ...
Surrendered by family because they didnt want to pay for special food temporarily when he had a Urinary Tract Infection. Husband brought back Frodo and Frodo was terrified, as husband threatened us. Frodo is not happy to be with the people that truly...
Simpa was surrendered by owner. Unfortunatley there are owners w/small kids that dont supervise their kids with pets. Simpa may have been taunted with her tail being pulled and she retaliated. In short, Simpa is SUPER loving, very wonderful, and ...
Holly was adopted from us as a tiny kitten and now finds herself back here through no fault of her own. She s a little unsure of where she is, but she s still just as sweet and cuddly as the day we met her! She likes to be held and loves to purr. As much as she loves to be loved, she s not a big attention seeker and prefers to let you come to her. Come listen to her purr and she might make you ...
What a lovely little lady we have here! Kierra is a little shy at the moment, but we know she s going to warm up to us sooner or later. She s already so much friendlier than when we met her! She doesn t hide from us anymore and is getting used to petting. We ll have her cuddling with us in no time! And she ll do even better once she s in a home and there aren t so many other cats around. We hop...
Dill, Honey, and Agave are 3 really adorable black and white kittens. When we 1st met them, they were tiny kittens who were terrified of people. While Agave is still working on her purr, Honey and Dill have quickly realized that people just want to love them. Honey can always be found underneath someone s feet, begging to be picked up. Dill loves to nap in windowsills until someone s petting hi...
Alfred Hitchcock and his favorite actress Tippy are pleased to welcome you to movie night! Any guess what's showing? The Birds of course! Well since it is the nursery, it's actually Birdie. They are 3 wonderful little kittens who love people! They re always running and jumping and playing and making movies of their own. But when they re tired, there s nothing better than a lap to sleep on...no ...
May Ling is a 4.5-year-old gorgeous, spayed female. Unfortunately, she has mammary cancer and needs a hospice rescue. She is a real sweetie, loving, affectionate and calm. Loves to snuggle and be loved. Cat selective and needs a calm, quiet environment, somewhere to live out her healthy days. She is relatively healthy now, asymptomatic, does vomit from time to time.
Oreo is a two-year-old neutered male who was surrendered with 2 other cats by his owner due to landlord issues. He is very friendly, cat selective, has not been dog tested.
Gustave, Louie, Izzy, and Ziggy are 4 young boys who just need some extra TLC. They had never interacted with people before they came to us, so they aren t quite sure how to feel about affection just yet. We re working on it and they re already improving amazingly. We can pet all of them and sometimes they even like to be held. They just need homes where someone is willing to put in a little ex...
Rorschach and Chaplin are an sweet pair that came to us as older kittens. You can tell someone in their family was a manx, because Rorschach has the classic short tail. They were extremely shy when they 1st came in, but we ve been working with them since that 1st day to help them come out of their shells. Rorschach has been quicker to realize that she s safe now, and now she adores attention an...
Morris is a four-year-old neutered male who was surrendered by his owner due to allergies. He is gentle with kids and adults, affectionate and loyal, likes to follow his owner around He is sad for being dumped! Cat selective.
Kitty is a two-year-old spayed female, owner surrender with no history. She is a fluffy, pretty princess who would like to be the only queen of the house. Not particularly fond of sharing the spotlight. Other animals stress her and cause transferred aggression towards people. Very lovable when alone! I would recommend an full grown only home with no other animals or a calm senior kitty or canine.
Juga is an 8-9-year-old spayed, de-clawed, long-haired domestic tabby. Her senior owner was hospitalized and then in a nursing home. Family brought Juga to the shelter. She is a calm, cute, mellow cat. Recommend a quiet, fullgrown only home preferably with seniors or retiree who can spend some time with her. Cat curious, not dog tested.
Sage is a 2-year-old spayed female. She had mammary gland tumors removed but they were not cancer!! Stunning chestnut tabby, super friendly, affectionate and active. Sage would be good for a family that wants to give her lots of time and attention. Cat and dog selective but tolerant and not aggressive at all.
Perlito is a three-year-old owner surrender. He is friendly, energetic, cat-friendly. He should be in an fullgrown only home as he can become overstimulated. He needs an experienced pet parent. Perlito likes to play and may nip without breaking skin. No known behavior with dogs.
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... Super Kitty!! Thisfeistyfeline will be sure to keep you on your toes with her high flying acrobatics! When Kitty's not pouncing from 1 kitty-condo to the next, you can always find this playful girl inside a cr...
Wonderful Kelly Sue! We see through your lil tuff guy front. We are so very sorry your furrever home only lasted until your best buddy went off to college. While she's facing a new world, so are you and we're here to make sure you will be loved and taken...
Looking at Katies picture, what do you notice? Its probably that wonderful freckle on her nose. Maybe we should have named her Freckle, but the name Katie seemed a great fit for the shy kitten that came to us a few months ago. Katie is a petite lady with...
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