Brand new I it s own decorative box and matching server spoon! You can freeze food, store food in fridge, put it right in the oven as well!
Brand new in box
Great for ice or ice cold water/drinks ..... pick up, Newburgh, NY only!!!!!! Cash & Carry! Make an offer!
This is a long tube that coils flat for easy storage. Mesh and great to give your indoor baby safe fresh air!
New in package
12 retro light fixture each is 80$ but willing to negotiate
EDWARDS CHARMING BUNNY FARM FOR PETS ONLY, GARDEN BUNNY MANURE FOR SALE,$7.50.00-$10.00,MORE OR LESS,245 MT. ZION RD. MARLBORO NY 845-236-7378-845-236-3089.8AM-9PM 7 DAYS AWEEK ALL YR.PLANTIN G FALL VEG.?GOOD TO PUT MANURE IN GARDEN IN THE FALL FOR NEXT PLANTING SEASON. Ad number: #361343147 Contact: phyllis edwards Phone: 845-236-7378 City: Marlboro New York Zip: 12542 Price: $7.50-$10.00-
Hi, I have Lupus and many health issues because of. I want a mobile/manufactured so badly. I just need some help. If anyone has a mobile or manufactured in a MHP that they don't want or need and are willing to help, I would be SO APPRECIATIVE ! I have Been looking @ central Florida and I love it, affordable lot rents, homes look like they are on a beatiful tree filled campsight with all the amm...
Come see my U.S. Army store. Designed by a U.S. Army Disabled Vet. https://www.zazzle.com/usarmyshop/wooshy
Made of heavyweight crafted papers,these bags can fold over tops. Provide dwitha fine broad bottom for carrying support and comfort. For more such bags visit us at : http://www.retailstockbagz.com/
Great qulity bags suitable for heavy weight items. Largs handles make your shopping easier than before. : http://www.retailstockbagz.com/Hi-Density-Plastic-Shopping-Bags-t-shirt-bags.aspx
This is a new A/C I cannot use it in the place I have moved into. It is not for the window. It is for a house. original cost $ 450.00 will accept any reasonable offer.
Indoor unit works with your baseboard hot water home heat. Controlled by your existing thermostat. also supplies hot tap water. easily heats 2500-3000 ft home. 15" x 20" door and 29" deep. made of welded 1/4" steel plate. photo and inspection available
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